COMING JULY 26th, 2024

Bound by loyalty that runs deeper than blood, twin princes face a twisted fate written in scars and dragon scales.


Sixteen-year-old brothers Wofrain and Rhein are exactly where they always knew they would be — neck deep in the Seventh Year Trials. In this treacherous dragon riding competition for the sons and daughters of kings, all eyes are fixed greedily on the prize. But far more is at stake for the Green brothers. Only one can win…only one inherit the throne. And failure is not an option.

With their kingdom’s fate hanging in the balance, the twins must confront the question haunting their every step. Who would prove the better king?

Nothing about the Trials is as straightforward as it first appears. And not all competitors will make it out alive. But for Wofrain and Rhein, another threat looms greater every day. Their father, the king, will stop at nothing to poison them against each other in their bid for the crown. Living in the shadow of their venomous father, they know better than most that betrayal often comes from within one’s most trusted circle.

Can the loyalty of two brothers withstand the seductive whispers of power? Or will the bond that defines them shatter under the weight of their father's ambition?

Fans of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Riders of Pern and Sarah K. L. Wilson’s Dragon School will find themselves right at home in these dragon-filled skies. If you like coming-of-age fantasy with sibling bonds and tested loyalty, royal intrigue, and a rich world full of greatly varied dragons, then you’ll love Alexis D. Johnson’s action-packed adventure.

Note: The Fate of Princes is a prequel to the Tainted Scales series and can be read at any time.

                  CO-AUTHORED WITH B. A. JOHNSON


A beautiful, savage world that grabs readers by the throat and raises deep questions about compassion, justice, brokenness, and healing.



What dark fantasy was meant to be.

Mandi oyster


Have you questioning your own morals.

Emily stys


Simply amazing. Captured my attention from the first page and kept me guessing and turning the page longing for more.

Ashley saunders



Alexis D. Johnson has a fondness for mythical creatures and underdog characters riddled with flaws and strengths. Her aim is to sweep you away into new worlds and inspire you to see life through a new lens.

She enjoys a quiet, Hobbitish life in Texas with her husband (and oftentimes co-author), and their nefarious trio of cats and abundantly enthusiastic dog.



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